Around Comics Ep. 171 – Cat Bites Dog

This week, on another roundtable, our heroes Chris, Tom, Sal and Skottie, jump the Rio Grande and get in some trouble. On Part I of this extra-long roundtable, the panel discusses their top of the stack picks including Alice in Sunderland by Bryan Talbot, Fell Vol. 1, Punisher Max Vol. 1, Nextwave: Agents of HATE Vol. 1, and Superman Confidential #11. Meanwhile…we talk a little bit about Skottie’s X-Men project, driving and fighting bobcats, why we own pitbulls, if Absinthe without mercury is worth drinking, how Wendy’s makes no sense, why Chris loves Manga, punching Akira with a fistful of liberty, the history of the McDonald’s characters, and we finish up with some emails. Don’t forget to check back next week to hear part II of this episode.

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