Around Comics Ep. 170 – Eric Powell, Gerry Duggan & more.

Around Comics welcomes Eric Powell, the creator of The Goon. Join us for a conversation about his new graphic novel, dog attacks and knives to the eye. Later in the program we catch up with Gerry Duggan to talk about the WGA strike and his new project with Phil Noto called The Infinite Horizon. The Quiet! Panelologists At Work lads continue their A to Z of British comics and Jeremy Mullins fights through a cold to tell us about a new web comic find. Tom Katers takes calls from listeners and explains some of the long history of The Legion. Will Pfeifer talks DVDs and we get you ready for the week ahead with new collected and single issue releases.


02:07 – Eric Powell
28:24 – A to Z British Comics –

33:23 – Web Comics –
37:45 – Answer Man with Tom Katers
49:04 – Will Pfeifer on DVDs

52:19 – Gerry Duggan

1:22:29 – New Collected Releases –

1:27:08 – New Single Issue Releases

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