CCL #156 The Countdown 80-Page Giant Specials

Collected Comics Library Podcast #156

29,886Kb; 31m 36s

I recorded this week’s show last night (Tuesday at 9:00pm) after the news hit the wire about the death of Heath Ledger. I, undoubtedly, have a few thoughts on this myself. To put it plainly it’s very sad. At first glance it looks like no foul play was involved and that no suicide attempt was made. Ledger, of course, was on track to make his Oscar nominated name even bigger this summer as The Joker. Now he’ll be put into a list of young Hollywood actors, whose life ended to quickly: James Dean, Brandon Lee, River Phoenix, and even Brad Renfro, who died just last week.

As for the feature, I tell you about all the Countdown 80-Page Giant Specials that have been coming out. I go over the contents and tell you why those particular stories were chosen to be reprinted.

I also talk about three separate comic books shows, two of which you can listen too. All this and the New Releases of the Week.


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