Around Comics Ep. 168 – Mark Sable & Robbi Rodriguez

Around Comics welcomes the creative team of Image Comics new original graphic novel Hazed. Writer Mark Sable and artist Robbi Rodriguez have created a dark and humorous tale of college societies in the vein of Heathers and Mean Girls that is full of bulimic goodness. Sal goes over the past week’s top stories in Wire 2 Wire Comics News, The Quiet! Panelologists At Work continue their A to Z of British comics and Jeremy Mullins tells us about a Web Comic from one of our favorite artists. Despite the Packers lose,Tom Katers is back as the Answer Man to shed some light on the magic of Green Lantern. Will Pfeifer talks DVDs and we get you ready for the week ahead with new collected and single issue releases.

02:17 – Wire2Wire Comics News
08:34 – Mark Sable and Robbi Rodriguez
42:17 – A to Z British Comics –
48:31 – Web Comics –
52:58 – Answer Man with Tom Katers
59:41 – Will Pfeifer on DVDs
01:03:00 – New Collected Releases –
01:18:14 – New Single Issue Releases

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