Around Comics Ep. 167 – Mobius Strip

This week, our heroes Chris, Tom, Skottie nd Sal get caught in a mobius strip. First up, in Top of the Stack we talk First in Space, Astronaut Dad #01, The Escapists Hardcover, The Goon #20, The Twelve #01, Shadowpact vol. #01 and The End League #01. Meanwhile…We hear a little from John Siuntres, we find out the winners and losers from the new years resolution competition, comic book tattoos, the silliness of burning comics, Brand New Day, the soft reboot of Marvel, we make fun of Chris’ new segment ‘Books of Note’, why we hate ourselves for liking Dexter, why The Wire hasn’t won an Emmy, The History of Rock N’ Roll documentary, E-book readers, Robert Heinlein’s Starship Troopers, why the Discovery Channel believes in Bigfoot and why Tom hates them for it, and we finish up talking about Chris’ new 70’s-crappy-movie fascination and a few emails.

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