CCL Podcast #155 – Adopt a Character for 2008

Collected Comics Library Podcast #155

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As I did last year at this time, it’s time once again for Adopt a Character. Like I say in the show, I did terrible job in 2007 with Thor. I hope to fair better in 2008 with Luke Cage, with a little help from his friend Iron Fist. I go over both characters, but only very briefly, touching upon only the main series that they starred in. I don’t go in-depth into their history or background. That’s because there is no real reason to. Half the fun of adopting a character of your own is delving into the history and current state of the character in his or her respective universe (whatever that may be) of today. I recommend picking a character that you know little or next to nothing about but have always been a bit curious to know more. I explain it more in the show and then you can go to the Forum and play along throughout the year, where we have a nice support group to keep you going. Lord only knows I need one.

Not much in the way of news, except a new Marvel Masterworks: Captain Marvel Volume 3 (Variant 95) which will collect Captain Marvel #22-33 and Iron Man #55 and is due out in April. Also mentioned is that Daredevil Omnibus by Brian Michael Bendis which I blogged about on Monday.

Al this and the New Releases of the Week.

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