Weekly Comics Spotlight #020: 2007-12-28

John Mayo and Bob Bretall discuss Legion of Super-Heroes #37 by DC, Ultimate Power #9 by Marvel and Proof #3 by Image Comics.

Time Codes:

00:00 Intro

00:36 General discussion


11:29 Marvel: ULTIMATE POWER #9

15:53 Other: PROOF #3 [IMAGE COMICS]

22:34 Justice For Hire #1 [Creative Impulse Publishing]

31:59 Next Week Promo

32:09 Wrap up

32:39 End of episode.


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2 thoughts on “Weekly Comics Spotlight #020: 2007-12-28

  1. I’ve been listening to the planet-wide uproar over Peter Parker’s and MJ’s separation. It seems to me that folks are missing the forest from the trees.

    By making a “deal with the devil” Spidey is humanized. Maybe what really bothers everyone is the idea that he’s not perfect.

    This storyline reminds me so much of the original storyline that led to Peter Parker becoming Spidey, that is… Uncle Ben’s death.

    Is it at all possible that Spidey is–on a deep unconscious level–trying to overcome the mistake he made with Uncle Ben? How long do he deal with the guilt over his Uncle’s death?

    And is it at all possible that he is, in another sense, repeating the mistake… thus setting himself up for another perhaps years-long redemptive story arc similar to the one which originally launched the series?

    People change… why can’t we let this character change?

    I’m not saying that what Peter Parker did was wise… rather that the writers have created a huge opportunity for rejuvenating the Spider-Man franchise… remaking him in his own ORIGINAL image.

  2. I see your point and it was one that I hadn’t considered.

    However, while I might agree that Peter unmasking publicly was an unwise decision and one that illustrated Peter’s imperfection (and there are tons of other such examples), I think that making a deal with the devil (or at least a devil) is a far too extreme “imperfection” for the hero of the series to make, particularly one as heroic as Spider-Man.

    What you see that as Spider-Man being “humanized” I see as a corruption of the heroic core of the character.

    As for letting the character change? He did. He got married. This is undoing that change. And if the story had been really good or if at least Peter had acted somewhat heroically (even if imperfectly so) then I wouldn’t have a problem with the story. I my problem was with the story, not the changes made to the status quo for the character.

    I see this story as running counter to the origin of Spider-Man and the whole “with great power comes great responsibility” and turns Peter Parker into the kind of person that would go so far as to make a devil with a devil to get what he wants.

    There were ways that they could have gotten Spider-Man unmarried in a heroic manner and this wasn’t one of them.

    I do hope you are right that this is the set up for a good storyline about making mistakes and the redemption afterwards. I’m not convinced that it is but that does sound like an interesting avenue for them to take.

    But, we are each entitled to our differing opinions on this. I certainly respect yours and appreciate you sharing it as it has given me some food for thought.

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