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Amazing Spider-Man Annual #21I think since early 2001 Joe Quesada has been looking for a way to break the internet in half. He somehow thought he had it with House of M but that maybe only broke off a corner of the internet and didn’t have the cataclysmic results that he wanted it to have. But congrats to Joe and to Marvel Comics. I think you finally did it, you broke the internet in half.

But I say Spider-Man was already broken. My Spider-Man was broken in 1987 and all that matters is MY Spider-Man in all of this. Really, that’s all this is about– what version of Spider-Man we grew up with. And mine sounds like it’s the same one as Joe Quesada’s.

In this episode, I talk about why this change is meaningless thanks to the many iterations of Spider-Man that exists. Because what I really want to know if how does this affect my enjoyment of Nicholas Hammond and the Electric Company Spider-Man.

What would Easy Reader do?

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