CCL Podcast #152 – The 2007 Year in Review

Collected Comics Library Podcast #152

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It’s time once again for the 2007 Year in Review show. Unlike past years I decided not to have individual “Best of” categories and instead do a Top 10 list.
As you can see I also broke the podcast down with time stamps.
I urge you all to use this particular CCL episode as a tool and guide. It should be taken in smell doses because it’s just a ton of information to get in just over an hour. Download it and listen to it at you convenience. Also be sure to download the Complete 2007 Collected Editions Release Schedule, so you can read along.

Full 2007 Collected Editions Release List
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CCL #152 Timestamp

Introduction: 0:01
Statistics: 5:09
January: 7:40
February: 11:03
March: 14:02
April: 20:00
May: 24:52
June: 29:04
July: 32:39
August: 36:45
September: 42:49
October: 46:14
November: 52:55
December: 57:56
Unreleased: 1:02:17
Top 10: 1:04:31

CCL Top 10 Collected Editions of 2007

  1. Agents Of Atlas Premiere HC (Marvel)
  2. The Absolute Sandman Vol. 2 HC (DC)
  3. Jack Kirby’s Fourth World Omnibus Vols. 1-3 HC (DC)
  4. The JSA All Stars Archives Vol. 1 HC (DC)
  5. Tie: Showcase Presents Wonder Woman Vol. 1 and Batgirl Vol. 1 (DC)
  6. Sword of The Atom TPB (DC)
  7. Tie: Amazing Fantasy Omnibus and Planet Hulk HC (Marvel)
  8. Harbinger: The Beginning HC (Valiant)
  9. Grendel Archive Edition HC (Dark Horse)
  10. Harvey Comics Classics Vol 1 Casper The Friendly Ghost TPB (Dark Horse)

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