Around Comics Ep. 161 – Holiday Hangover

This week, our Heroes of the Holidays Tom, Skottie, Sal, Chris, Norton and Hank get together to spread some cheer. We’re full of the Christmas Spirit, and a bunch of small bottles of booze. In Top of the Stack, Chris leads us on a marathon of Stackables, including The Trial of Captain Sweeto and Other Stories: A Collection of the Comic Strips of the Perry Bible Fellowship, The Overman #1, The Goon: Chinatown, Green Lantern #25, Popgun Vol. 1, and The Infinite Horizon #1.

Meanwhile…We find all the reasons why Sal has not finished reading I Am Legend, how old Tom’s girlfriend really is, how The Golden Compass turned Skottie into a Baby Jesus Killer, whether or not Nick Hornby can write skaters and why Tony Hawk is not relevant, how a sixteen year old may react to getting a girl pregnant, the War of Iraqi Aggression and Sal’s defense of liberty, we give thanks for the cards and gifts we received, we call Braxton to wish him well, and we finish off the show by reading emails.

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