Around Comics Ep. 160 – Roy Thomas pt. II

Our Month of Heroes with The Comics Podcast Network and The Hero Initiative concludes with part 2 of our conversation with Roy Thomas. Tom and Chris talk with the comics legend about X-Men, Invaders, Anthem and much more. The Quiet! Panelologists At Work continue their A to Z of British comics. Jeremy Mullins has a Web Comic suggestion sure to get you in trouble and Tom’s Answer Man segment takes a swing at US Agent. We also get you ready for the week ahead with new collected and single issue releases.


04:01 – Roy Thomas

25:03 – Wire2Wire Comics News
30:53 – A to Z British Comics –
36:37 – Web Comics –

40:19 – John Mayo Trades Report –

43:36 – Answer Man

48:54 – New Collected Releases –

53:25 – New Single Issue Releases



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