CCL #151 Carol of The Black Dossier

Collected Comics Library Podcast #151
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In the wake of all the DC news of late, I offer to you, in this week of giving, a simple and yet well thought out, dissertation on what exactly my feelings are towards DC comics this Christmas. To sum up, I’m not very happy about the whole “fall of the Archive” line of books nor am I pleased that DC is playing catch-up to Marvel when it comes to their new Deluxe Editions. I’m also not very pleased as to what I found when I compared the Black Dossier Hardcover to the Absolute Black Dossier which is due out this summer. For the feature this week I breakdown the price, content and page count, to help you understand just what the heck is going on and why Alan Moore and most of us are receiving coal, stamped with a DC bullet, in our stockings this year. Don’t get me wrong, I don’t blow a gasket and go off on DC (or anyone in particular) it’s more frustrating then anything else.
As for the rest of the show, there isn’t much else; I do the New Releases of the Week and remind you about the Question of the Month.
For those of you you want to hear more of me, feel free to come by John Mayo’s Comic Book Page podcast. John and I discussed the October 2007 trade numbers. I was also on the Pop Cult Online podcast hosted by Rick Gordon. I’ll post a link when it gets uploaded.
Merry Christmas!

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