Comic Addiction: Episode 22 – Messiah CompleX Wrap Up


Show Notes:
00:00:27 – Introductions!
00:04:33 – Chris talks about his opinions of Messiah Complex: Chapter 1.
00:06:31 – The guys go ahead and start making excuses for the show.
00:07:14 – Paul gives a quick synopsis of Chapter 1.
00:07:56 – Antony dives into Chapter 2 with a quick synopsis.
00:17:45 – Chris explains what happened in Chapter 3.
00:24:28 – Paul gets us into Chapter 4.
00:29:17 – The guys take a few minutes to give Craig Kyle and Chris Yost some special attention and loving.
00:32:27 – Antony goes over Chapter 5, and Paul makes it his pick as best X-Men book of 2007.
00:42:18 – Paul takes us into Chapter 6.
00:51:18 – The guys weigh in on the crossover up to this point and then compare it to previous X-Men crossovers.
00:53:08 – Antony goes over the solicitations for Chapters 7 through 13.
00:56:47 – Chris wonders if X-Force is necessary.
01:00:37 – Oh, wait! We don’t have any!
01:00:38 – Closing Comments

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