CCL Podcast #149 – The Heroes Hardcover

Collected Comics Library Podcast #149

28,657Kb; 30m 18s

Heroes is dead! Long live Heroes!

That’s right folks, thanks to the writers strike, Heroes is done. We have no idea when the second half of the second season will be aired. I’m guessing that it’ll turn into season three. But in the meantime we have a slue of books coming out from Wildstorm/DC and NBC to keep us busy, including the newly released Heroes Hardcover. I go over that book as well as all the others you may or may not be aware of.

Secondly, I talk about the 4th Annual CCL NCAA Football Bowl Contest and I also update the prize list.

There are also some new Paul Pope reissues and I have an email from Mitch.

Lastly, not only do I go over the New Releases of the Week, but also the 2008 Showcase Presents rundown with dates.


PS If you know anyone with the Heroes helix tattoo, let me know. I need a good laugh.

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