ICN – Episode 42 – A First Salvo


Putting the fun back in comics, A First Salvo!. Thad Branco Comes on the show and talks about the company, the books they’re putting out, the people working with them (just you wait until you hear!) and his view about being the new kid on the block in the current Comics market. It’s A First Salvo and it will only make you want more.

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Visit A First Salvo! @ www.firstsalvo.com

Danger’s Dozen Preview

A First Salvo contributors:

Norm Breyfogle, Tony DeZuniga, Alan Weiss, Jason Armstrong, Dave Ross, John Royle, Bart Sears, Geof Isherwood, Andy Smith, Kevin Breyfogle and Kevin West.

Inkers – Mark McKenna, Bob Almond, Dan Davis, Phil Moy and Joe Rubinstein.
And let’s not forget writer Peter Brandvold!

Colorists – Gabe El-Taeb, Tom Smith and more round out the Salvo Jam, providing vivid color to our titles.

OCT073205 Danger’s Dozen #1 – shipping DECEMBER 2007

NOV073261 Danger’s Dozen #2 – shipping JANUARY 2008

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