Around Comics Ep. 153 – Gobble-Gobble!

Our Heroes, Mike Norton, Skottie Young, Chris Neseman and Brian “Sal” Salazar, fight for your right to Wiki. Follow the powers of podcasting as they talk this week’s Top of the Stack picks including Captain Marvel #1, House of M: Avengers #1, No Dominion: A Novel, Checkmate Vol. 1, League of Extraordinary Gentlemen: The Black Dossier, American Flagg, Tom Strong, Mage, Watchmen, The Circle #1 and whatever else comes to mind. Meanwhile…The forces of evil shudder at our stupidity as we discuss how to slice turkey with a lightsaber, if 616 is the Number of the Beast, why Wikipedia is stupid (except for Skottie’s page), how Badger: Bull made Sal cry, why you should buy The All-New Atom #18, what t.v. shows we can’t talk about because Tom’s not here, what shows are good to draw comics to, weird sleeping habits, prank calling Dan Buckley, Southland Tales, and Donnie Darko. Scribba-scrabble!

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