Just Another Fanboy – Episode 59

I'm gonna get you sucka!

Hey, hey, hey, it’s the return of the Mrs. Fanboy, the most beautiful co-host in the whole entire world, Karen!

This week Steeven reviews Graveslinger #1 and Dynamo 5 Volume 1 – Post Nuclear Family, bit from Image Comics, as well as Green Arrow Year One from DC Comics.

Listen in awe at the triumphant return of News and Information You Could Have Easily Gotten For Yourself With Just a Little Effort.

The Super Spouses also give thought to the Magic Box as they discuss Brothers and Sisters, Heroes, The Office, and Spider-Man 3.

Plus make sure you stick around until the end for an important announcement from the Hero Initiative and the Comics Podcast Network. After listening to the announcement, make sure you follow the link below.


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