Back Issue Spotlight #004: Batman: The Engelhart Era

John Mayo, Bob Bretall and Brian Christman talk about the Engelhart Era of Batman. Bob and John mention some of their recent back issue purchases and Bob gives and update on the online retailer NewKadia and talks about the new Torpedo Comics. Bob, John and Brian also discuss buying back issues at conventions.

Time Codes:

0:00:00 Intro

0:00:36 General discussion

0:01:14 Recent back issue purchases and update about the online retailers

0:17:54 Different types of conventions

0:34:12 Buying back issues on at conventions

0:49:56 Batman: The Engelhart Era

1:22:44 Closing comments

1:25:37 Hero Initiative promo

1:26:55 Wrap up

1:27:25 End of episode.

Since we talked about the different types of conventions, here are some links to photos of some different size conventions.

Local: 2001 Plano Sci-Fi Expo:

Regional: 2003 MegaCon:

National: 2001 Comic-Con International: San Diego:

National: 2002 Comic-Con International: San Diego:


Discount Comic Book Service:

Lone Star Comics:

Mile High Comics:

Torpedo Comics:

League of Comic Book Podcasts:

Comics Podcast Network:

Comics Podcast Network Hero Initiative fund drive:

Hero Initiative:

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