Around Comics Ep. 149 – The Club

The Club. On this episode, our heroes discuss the October Club Picks. Skottie had the picks this month, and he chose Blast Tyrant by Clutch (CD), Open Range starring Kevin Kostner, Annette Benning and Robert Duvall (DVD), and The Witching Hour from Jeph Loeb and Chris Bachalo (TPB). Chris, Tom Sal, Skottie and Mike Norton break down all the good and bad, with a few nuggets of edutainment thrown in. We also hear from Mario Muscar and discuss the merits of Waterworld and The Posman. We wrap up the episode with the tale of Skottie’s vacation that almost didn’t happen and next month’s picks.

00:45 – Intro
06:06 – Clutch: Blast Tyrant
23:01 – Open Range
39:03 – The Witching Hour
1:05:16 – Mario Muscar Email
1:10:57 – Skottie’s Adventure
1:30:49 – November Picks
1:35:11 – Outro

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