Around Comics Ep. 146 – Halloween Spooktacular II

This week we celebrate Halloween with a dramatic reading of a classic EC Tales From the Crypt tale. We get you ready for the week ahead with new single issue, collected edition and DVD releases. Tom Katers is back as the Answer Man and Darksied reads your e-mails. Regular segments include Jeremy Mullins on Web comics, John Mayo goes over the top 300 and Will Pfeifer talks new and old DVDs. All that and more!


02:17 – Longbox Theatre Presents: Voodoo Death

12:16 – New Releases

20:06 – Web Comics

22:42 – Letters from the Darksied

28:00 – Pfeifer on DVDs

30:25 – Answer Man

37:55 – John Mayo on Sales and Market Trends

41:29 – Back to the Future Rap

46:58 – Manga Recommendations

51:16 – 24 Hour Comic Book Day

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