Indie Comic Book Noise 3 – October 16, 2007

Along with a listing of the independent comics shipping to retailers
this week, October 17, 2007 (based on Diamond’s shipping lists as of
late last week) we have reviews by:

Jon Hook – BPRD Killing Ground #3

Bruce Rosenberger – Yotsuba! Manga TPB Volume 1

Peter Rios – Distant #1 (of 4)

Jon Hooks – Sorrow #2

As well as a shout out to our good friends Charlito and Mr. Phil who
do the Indie Spinner Rack Podcast and have published the “Awesome
Indie Spinner Rack Anthology Volume 1 TPB”

Don’t forget! You too can review indie and small press comics for the
show in one of three ways:

1. Record it and send the audio file to

2. Call your review in to the Deliberate Noise hotline (206) 984-1993

3. Write your review and I’ll read it for you.

Please try to keep them at no longer than five minutes and limit
reviews to books still in print and available.

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