Around Comics Ep. 142 – Zeb Wells and more.

This week features a conversation with Spider-Man scribe Zeb Wells. We get you ready for the week ahead with new single issue, collected edition and DVD releases. Tom Katers talks Hawkman and Skottie’s epic Smallville rant concludes. Jeremy Mullins and Jarrett Williams give their Web Comic and Manga picks and John Mayo reports on Diamond’s top 300.

01:56 – Zeb Wells
26:07 – New Single Issue Releases
30:40 – New Collected Editions
33:50 – Answer Man
45:07 – Mayo Market Report
48:00 – Mullins on Web Comics
50:55 – Manga pick of the week
53:46 – Skottie’s Smallville Rant: Part III
58:57 – Pfeifer on DVDs

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