Collected Comics Library #141 – The Green Hornet

Collected Comics Library Podcast #141
26,575Kb; 28m 04s

Thanks in large part to the 85 degree temperature Sunday and the 50 degree temperature today, I have one hell of a head cold. Thanks God I recorded yesterday.

Today’s show was a lot of fun for me. For many months I have wanted to cover The Green Hornet. I found a lot of interesting things about the character and his world. Most of that he was born in Detroit and has a strong connection to The Lone Ranger in more ways than one. Any long time fans of the CCL or new ones should enjoy this journey from the Golden Age up until today.

There is a lot of news to go over to including Robin, The Boy Wonder Showcase Presents, Captain Victory, Shmoo, Mighty Avengers, Frank Miller’s Ronin and news from both Image and Devil’s Due.

As promised I did record with John Mayo last week. Besides the normal trade statistics (from August 2007) John and I went over his monthly article that he has posted at Comic Book Resources. It was one of our better conversations on record. Look for that to be put up in a few days by John on his feed at Comic Book Page. I will be sure to notify you when he does so.

Lastly, as always, I go over the New Releases of the Week, and there were a few surprises; DC Comics Absolute Sandman Volume 2 ships three weeks early and, EC Archives Vault of Horror Volume 1 ships six weeks early! Powers Volume 10: Cosmic TPB is also out this week — only 11 months late. Sigh.


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