CCL Podcast #140 – Secrets of the Batcave

Collected Comics Library Podcast #140
26,557Kb; 28m 03s

If you’re a regular listener to the Collected Comics Library, than you know it’s no secret that I am a big fan of Batman. Always have been. Always will be. Of all the comics and collected editions I own, Batman is what I own the most of. Reflecting back as to why, I’m really not that sure. As a character, he is much more liberal than I am, I think he’s a jerk to his “Bat Family” and he is much more introverted than anyone I know, fictional or otherwise. That being said, I’m proud to add one of Batman’s latest collected editions to my bookshelf, Batman: Secrets of the Batcave. This book showcases the cave in all of its various comic book forms from the 1940’s up through today. There is also more to this book than meets the eye. Come listen and find out the 33-year-old true inspiration for this trade and find out just where and how Batman obtained all his trophies and memorabilia.
I also go in a bit about my venture into the Around Comics podcast, John Mayo and my time in Chicago this past weekend.

PS One correction. The Mummy story takes place in Detective Comics #158, not Batman #12. I had my notes mixed up. Sorry about that. I’ll make a quick retraction next week. Batman #12 is about the bullet proof vest.

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