Around Comics Ep. 139 – The Goddamn Roundtable

All new, all the same. Join Chris, Sal, Skottie and Chris Marshall from Collected Comics Library on the first all-new Around Comics Roundtable. We’ve opened things up a bit so we could stretch our legs. This episode includes Club of the Month Club explanation and contest, as well as discussions on All-Star Batman and Robin the Boy Wonder # 7, Batman #669, 100 bullets, how much Brian Azzarello squats, Batman Broken City, JLA #13, Immortal Iron-Fist #9 and Annual #1, Mad Magazine, The Escapist, Howard Chaykin, Bionic Woman, Buffy, X-Files, Friends, Sarah Conner Chronicles, Journeyman, Dead Like Me, Weeds, Dazed and Confused, Ben Affleck’s new teeth, Brothers and Sisters, Marc Guggenheim, The Unit, Jamie Foxx, Steve Zahn, Tom Hanks, Robin Williams, Rain On Me, playing Clue and Pictionary, Why E.T. is coming to get Skottie and more. Wheew. Had enough yet?

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