Weekly Comics Spotlight #004: 2007-09-05

John Mayo and Bob Bretall discuss Infinity Inc #1 by DC, White Tiger #6 by Marvel and PS 238 #25 by Do Gooder Press.

Time Codes:

00:00 Intro

00:36 General discussion

00:42 Bob’s recent back issue purchases

01:45 Bob’s recent variant covers purchases

05:31 Weekly new comic counts

05:59 John’s thoughts on Subculture #1 [Ape Entertainment]


13:31 Marvel: WHITE TIGER #6

22:54 Other: PS 238 #25 [DO GOODER PRESS]

25:52 Closing comments

26:25 Bob’s thoughts on Iron and the Maiden #1

26:51 Other podcasts that Bob has recorded

27:15 Other podcasts that John has recorded

27:52 Next Week Promo

28:01 Wrap up

28:33 End of episode.


Discount Comic Book Service: http://www.DCBService.com

PS 238: http://nodwick.humor.gamespy.com/ps238/index.htm

PS 238 Online Store: http://nodwick.humor.gamespy.com/buystuff/dgstore.htm

PS 238 – Early issues online: http://nodwick.humor.gamespy.com/ps238/comics/index.php?date=2001-11-29

The Pop Cult Online: http://www.thepopcultonline.com

League of Comic Book Podcasts: http://www.comicbooknoise.com/league/

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