Variant Edition Episode 63

This episode was set to run Sunday night/Monday morning, but ran into some encoding problems, so it got bumped. But it’s back and full to the brim with reviews.

Reviews include:
Daredevil #99, Fear Agent: The Last Goodbye #2, Punisher War Journal #10, Ghost Rider #14, Wolverine Origins #16, Captain America #29, Quasar #2, Friendly Neighborhood Spider-man #23, New X-men #41, Ultimate X-men #85, X-Factor #22, Omega Flight #5, Dark Horse Comic’s Aliens and Predator Omnibus, Green Lantern Corps #22, Chronicles of Wormwood #6, Nova #5 and a special advanced review of Atomic Robo #1!
Plus Luis and Mike talk about all things World War Hulk in Hulkarama 102!

Episode 63 is online through iTunes, available on and sharable through Veoh,, YouTube, Google and LiveVideo. And don’t forget to check out our forums…let us know what you think of the episodes or would like to see something covered on the show.

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