Raging Bullets Episode 49 Part 7a : A DC Comics Fan Podcast

Episode 49 Part 7a

Episode 49 Part 7a: A whole bunch of stuff: Jim and Sean share their thoughts on various comics in a Speeding Bullets segment. We also share listener rants from the rant thread. Finally, we have a segment discussing more recent convention news.
Time stamps:
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0:00 Opening, special news, show announcements, various rants.
8:01 Speeding Bullets: Quick shout outs to Gen 13, Brave and the Bold 5, Faker 1 and 2, Green Lantern Corp, Green Lantern 22, Highwaymen 1 and 2, Flash 231, Batman Confidential 7 and 8, Legion of the Super-Heroes 1 Johnny DC, Black Adam #1, Batman 667 and 668, and Midnighter.
35:08 Listener rants
1:17:26 More DC news from recent conventions
2:02:04 Closing, shout outs, show info
Check the forum and web site for the release of part b of this episode. Also, join us next week for Episode 50.

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If you missed it, check out 49 Part 6 as well:

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