CCL Podcast #135 – Review: Iron Man Masterworks 1

Collected Comics Library Podcast #135
37,390Kb; 39m 36s

I’m back from vacation! I couldn’t believe the activity in my Inbox when I got back home. So much news and information, I thought the computer was going to explode. And what’s this about the rumors of the demise of the DC Archive program? I dive into that on the show and share some interesting information straight from the DC offices. And speaking of DC, looks like the Showcase line is a little rattled. I’m not too worried on that front, though. Looks like some things just needed fixing. I have complete faith in that program.

As far as other news: LXG: Black Dossier, Harbringer and Dan Dare, I tell you all about them. I’ll try to cover some of DC and Marvel solicitations for November and December, respectively, next week, but I am curious as to the new What If? Annihilation book and what this may mean for an Annihilation Omnibus.

I have a new Question of the Month for September, which may or may not have anything to do with comic books and I tell you about two other podcasts making waves.

All-in-all it’s good to be back.


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