Wednesdays Haul 8/29/07– Back from Wizard, back to reality

wizarduniverse_1960_10046263.gifIt’s a big week as I talk about non-comic comic book geekiness. It started off with Tuesday’s release of Heroes Season 1 on DVD, stretched into Mythbusters which explored super-hero myths & gadgets and wrapped up in Harvey Pekar showing up on No Reservations on The Travel Channel. And don’t forget Greg Rucka’s new novel, Patriot Acts. And that’s not even yet getting to this week’s new comic releases.

And since it’s been a couple of week’s since Wizard World Chicago, it’s time to talk a bit about it, the successes, the failures and the awesome finds.

And since I forgot to cover it on the show, here’s the top 3 comic book releases this week:
Hellboy Darkness Calls #5
Enigma Cipher #2
Local #10

Download the episode here or stop by to and look through the archives.

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