Around Comics Ep. 123 – News, Reviews and Previews

Ipod_Ep123.gifOn this episode, Chris, Sal, Tom and Skottie go over some more news from Comic-Con, including the Eisner Award winners, some new dc animated features, the four creative teams for Amazing Spider-Man, The New Punisher, Iron-Man trailer, Robert Downey Jr, Grant Morrison on Final Crisis, and The Spirit movie casting. Top of the Stac picks include Fantastic Four #548, My Freind Dahmer, Classwar and Buffy the Vampire Hunter #8. We also go over some of next weeks releases in Futurestaxx as well as what Skottie would do if the word ‘awesome’ never existed, comic book papparatzzi, and more. Don’t miss our Thursday Episode when we go over a bunch of listener email and questions.


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