Comic Timing Syndication – BK Bullets: Flash #13

Another syndicated episode! On this one, Brent Kossina and I do a BKs Bullets for Raging Bullets, all about Flash #13. We also touch on the Justice League of America #10 reveal a bit, and go a few other places too. This will air on Raging Bullets this upcoming Friday, on Episode 49 Part2b, so make sure to listen to it to hear Sean and Jim and their take on our comments. I will be in San Diego for Comic-Con this week, hence the syndicated episode. Next week, expect a wrap-up episode of SDCC, possibly with John Mayo and some interviews from the con floor. Plus, I included a blooper conversation at the end of the episode from the original recording session as an added bonus.

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Until next week, thanks for listening, and thanks for downloading!

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