Collected Comics Library #131 – Sold Out and OOP Books

Collected Comics Library Podcast #131
47,568Kb; 50m 28s

Today’s show is packed full of trade paperback goodness; from Frank Miller’s Bad Boy, Jonah Hex, Showcase Presents Secret Society of Super Villians and Cancelled Comics Cavalcade, The Spider-Man Masterworks, and even a Fouth Wotld follow up. I also have some great e-mail and audio clips, too.
For the feature at hand, I go over a topic that was started on the CCL Forum: Sold Out and Out Of Print books. As I say in the show, there are way too many to cover, so I go over what I want to have on my bookshelf. I think you’ll agree that some of these masterpieces should come back to print.


Music by Hot Club of Detroit

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