Collected Comics Library Podcast #130 – 4th World Companion

Collected Comics Library Podcast #130
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First up I want to thank everyone who nominated me for a Podcast Award. I’ll have more news on that on this Blog later in the week. I also hoped all of you had a chance to download and listen to the latest CCL Comic Book Page May 2007 Stats Podcast. Comments are always welcome!
On today’s show I go over a small bit of news from Image, Dynamic Forces and the CrossGen/Checker Book Collected Edition Reprint Team-Up. It’s nice to see those finally getting published.
The CCL interior website has two new Checklists for you to download: The EC Archives and The Dark Horse Archives. I also hope to have all the individual pages for the DC Archives, Marvel Masterworks, Showcases, Essentials and everything else all updated by the end of the week And don’t forget to check out the Release Schedule; it’s all updated with the latest solicitations from DC, Marvel, Dark Horse and others.

For the feature today, I cover Jack Kirby’s Fourth World Epic, but not in the usual way. I do go over the Omnibus editions a bit, but really it’s a rundown of the monthly and collected edition publication history for all the Fourth World related titles from 1971-2005!
Time to enter the Boom Tube! Hop on in!

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