Around Comics Ep. 118 – Being a Comic Book Artist

Ipod_Ep118.gifBeing a Comic Book Artist – Join us as we talk with Skottie Young, artist of New X-Men, and Mike Norton, artist of The All-New Atom, as we discuss the ins and outs of being a professional comic book artist. From working with writers and scripts, to breakdowns, thumbnails and finished pages, we quiz the boys on what it really is like to work for Marvel and DC. Beyond the “How To Draw”, this informative, funny and educational look at the working habits of two of comics brightest young stars is a must listen for aspiring artists and non-artists alike. Because we recieved so many good questionson our forum, we turn the converation into an extended Q & A, but don’t worry, Sal and Tom chime in with more than enought of their own thoughts and comments.


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