Kryptographik : Episode 13

In our 13th podcast, we discuss Lindsey Lohan’s new film I Know Who Killed Me; the recently released Ghost Rider DVD; stories from the set of Eva Mendes new film; Adrienne Barbeau in Swamp Thing; some info regarding the Neuromancer movie from William Gibson’s blog; films based upon stories by Phillip K Dick; Tron vs The Lawnmower Man; the Sin city video game; the upcoming horror comic ‘Sorrow’ by Rick Remender and Francesco Francavilla; the prose horror anthology ‘Damned Nation’ – and why you should buy it from; and we go ‘Head2Head’ with Black Coat: …Or Give Me Death #1 and finally Satan’s Sodomy Baby!

We also have a short interview with writer Dwight McPherson & artist Grant Bond regarding their story in the upcoming comic anthology ‘Gene Simmons House of Horrors’ (published by IDW), and some shoutouts to fellow podcasters, KomicKast, ComicBookNoise and Pod Of Horror.

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