Comic Timing – Episode 40: 22 Pages #3

Our third 22 Pages review episode is here! Chris Chavez, otherwise known as Equinox on the CGS forums, returns for the first time in a while, along with Brent Kossina to discuss Nova #1 and Nova #2. The series has surprised all three of us so far, so listen in tot he episode to see what kind of surprise it left us with! Hint: we liked a lot of it.

There are spoilers ahead for both issues of Nova, so if you have not read them and would rather not be spoiled, come on back once you’ve read the issues to hear our take on them. As always, you can e-mail the show over at, and please vote for us on Podcast Alley and Digg us on Digg.Com.

We will be back next week with our in depth review of Fantastic Four: Rise of the Silver Surfer, with a whole bunch of bloopers at the end that have very little to do with the topic that might be more interesting than the episode itself. Good times!

Enjoy the show, and thanks as always for downloading!

Download Comic Timing- Episode 40: 22 Pages #3

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