Collected Comics Library Podcast #127 – 13 things to catch up on

Collected Comics Library Podcast #127
50,953Kb; 54m 20s

Today, I play catch up with 13 different topics and if you can figure out just why I chose the picture, I salute you. Like I was saying, I go over a ton of stuff, which includes the following: voice Mail, Daredevil e-mail, the 4th World Omnibus paper issue, Conventions, Podcast Awards, DC and Marvel Solicitations, the Fantastic Four Masterworks reprint price issue, Silver Surfer Essentials contents issue, John Mayo, my June 2007 pull list, new Question of the Month for July and the New Releases of the Week.
Yes, it’s a lot, but it’s not just a hobby, it’s an adventure.

Music by Hot Club of Detroit

Links of note:
Plan Nine Rock Show
Collected Edition Blog: 52 The Companion breakdown

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