Just Another Fanboy – Episode 42


It’s the answer to the ultimate question . . . it’s Episode 42!

This week, the fan-mates spend nearly two hours sitting in front of a microphone and talk the night away.

We got Steeven’s Comic Book Pick of the Week, the Out of the Box Comic Review, Karen’s Out of the Box “This Ain’t Got Nothing to do With Comics” Review, and Norman and Gary are back at the very tail end of the show for their little bits of fluff.

Plus hear the various personality quirks of our listeners and hosts.

So strap yourselves in, grease the family hog, and put the proverbial kettle on while you listen to the most amazing podcast . . . EVER!

And remember . . . Just Another Fanboy now has a 1-800 number that you, the listener, can call and leave voice mails and become part of the show.

The number is 1-877-309-8367 Ext 212.

You can use the new 1-800 number to leave an audio comment about the show, or tell us what your picks of the week are, or even review a book. The thing is, I will play it . . . just keep it clean, because I like a squeaky show.

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