Comic Timing – Episode 33: New York Comic Con Wrap Up!

The first wrap-up podcast is here! This show was recorded live at New York Comic Con 2007, with a whole bunch of guests. Raph in person! Sean and Jim in person! Freddie E Williams II, artist of Robin! Molly Crabapple, co-creator of Dr. Sketchys Rainy Day Coloring Book! Fat Momma and Feedback from Who Wants To Be a Superhero! Dave Wachter of Scar Tissue, and Uncle Sal himself! Plenty of fun recording the interviews, and a great time to be had in general. This episode was originally released on Freburary 26, 2007. For a full wrap of the con, please check out Episode 34, where I am joined by Sean Whelan and Freddie E. Williams!

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Thanks to everybody for stopping by the booth, and thanks for your continued support of the show!

Download Comic Timing – Episode 33: New York Comic Con Wrap Up

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