ICN – Episode 20 – Rob Moran


Writer and artist Rob Moran gives us an interview and talks to us about Blood Nation. Epic vampire-war fan? Then listen in and get a little more insight into Rob’s mind. We talk Blood Nation, we almost talk about the US administration and get a little preview of Rob Moran’s future projects. Stay tuned, if Blood Nation is any indication Rob Moran will amaze us every time.

About Blood Nation:

In 2026, the world has been ravaged by a brutal war between humans and vampires. The vampires have been beaten back to the borders of the old Soviet Union, where they have established a sovereign “Blood Nation.” Now that the vamps have unearthed old Soviet nuclear weapons, the United States has sent Ethan Cutter and his Red Death Commandos into the Blood Nation to take the fight to the bloodsuckers’ leader, the immortal and vampiric Genghis Khan.

Rob Moran @ www.comicspace.com/robmoran

Blood Nation @ www.bloodnation.com

Platinum Studios @ www.platinumstudios.com

Blood Nation on Drunk Duck @ www.drunkduck.com/Blood_Nation

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