ICN – Episode 18 – William Harms


William Harms (Abel, Bad Mojo) opens the gates for pointy teeth and mean tempers while we talk about Impaler. Jump into the world painted by the Nicks (Nick Postic and Nick Marinkovich) as we try to find out what Impaler is all about.
It’s frightening, its horror, it’s beautiful blood-fest, it’s vampires, do you need anything else?

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About Impaler:

Wallachia, 1460: A ferocious horde of vampires sweep across Eastern Europe, destroying everything that crosses their path. Humanity’s only hope lies with Vlad Tepes, ruler of Wallachia, member of the Order of the Dragon, and sworn protector of the Holy Church. After enduring an arcane ritual that fuses him with an angel, Vlad sets out the defeat the vampires.

New York City, The Present: Victor Dailey is set to retire as a New York City Homicide Detective. His wife died six months earlier from breast cancer, and now Dailey wants nothing more than to leave New York City behind and get on with his life.

As Dailey goes through the grind of his final weeks on the job, an abandoned ship called the Demetrius is found drifting off the coast of Long Island; the mutilated crew is discovered in the ship’s hold. That night, New York City is struck with a series of extremely brutal murders.

The next morning, Dailey and the rest of the force are placed on high alert–the murders must be halted, immediately. Unfortunately, the terror is just beginning because an ancient evil has been unleashed and within two days all of New York City falls under its terrible grip.

As a horrific blizzard hits New York City, Dailey and a band of small survivors rally together in an effort to survive. They are joined by Vlad Tepes, who has spent the past five centuries in Purgatory, waiting for the vampire threat to rise again.

With hope fading fast, and the vampires sweeping across the Eastern Seaboard, Vlad, Dailey and the other survivors try to mount an offensive that will defeat the vampires once and for all.

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