CCL #122 Star Wars Comics Celebration

Collected Comics Library Podcast #122
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This past weekend was the Motor City Comic-Con and I was fortunate to attend. My son, Patrick, received a wonderful Batman sketch from Buzz and I was able to get my Sgt. Fury and (Silver Age) Human Torch Masterworks signed by Dick Ayers. I also picked up a few monthly comics to fill in the gaps in my Star Wars and Punisher collections. I was also able to purchase two Marvel Essential Handbooks for the price of one, but now I’m regretting it. These reference books should be in color and I explain why in the Podcast.
Both DC Comics and Marvel have announced their Fall solicitations and there are some very cool books on both lists.
The main topic of the show this week in honor of Star Wars Celebration IV in Los Angeles this weekend. In it I, with help from members of the forum, give recommendations on what to buy to start or add to your collections. My sincere thanks to everyone who wrote in. As usual, I go over the
New Releases of the Week. and lastly I announce the winner of the Death of Superman Trade Paperback Giveaway.

Music by Cash O’Riley and the Downright Daddies
…and not by Hot Club of Detroit

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