Just Another Fanboy – Episode 38

They may be a little late, but hey . . . at least its here, right?

Anyway, this week, the Super Spouses chat the time away about the new fall line up for the three big networks, the high price of gas, Karen’s injury, and even manage to talk a little comics.

Hear the debut of a new segment to the show, Steeven’s Out of the Box Comic Book Review, and gasp is awe at Steeven’s picks of the week.

Plus you won’t want to miss Listener’s Feedback as we hear from the Nuge.

It’s all here in Episode 38.

And remember . . . Just Another Fanboy now has a 1-800 number that you, the listener, can call and leave voicemails and become part of the show.

The number is 1-877-309-8367 Ext 212.

You can use the new 1-800 number to leave an audio comment about the show, or tell us what your picks of the week are, or even review a book. The thing is, I will play it . . . just keep it clean, because I like a squeaky show.

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