Mayo Report: 2007-03 Trades

This episode contains the monthly discussion that I have with Chris Marshall of the Collected Comic Library podcast about the sales estimates for the top 100 graphic novels, trade paperbacks and hardcovers. This time around we go over the data for March 2007.

We had some major technical problems on this one. The first time we tried to record my Skype connection kept cutting out after a minute or two. The second night we tried to do the episode the recording seemed to have stopped about 15 or 20 minutes early. My apologies for that, particularly to Chris who took not one but two nights out of his schedule for this episode.

Here is the link to the Excel file for the month in case anybody wants to read along.

Here is a link to the page of notes (which is basically what was on CBR a week or so back) for the month which also has a link to the Excel file.

And, in addition to the technical issues recording the episode, I was a bit scatter brained and forgot to mix the episode down to a mono track before uploading it originally. I’ve fixed that and re-uploaded the file. Sorry about that…

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