Just Another Fanboy – Episode 35

This week Steeven goes solo as Karen has a sore tummy.

So here’s #35 folks, check it out if’n you want.

Show Notes:

00:00 – Intro

00:43 – Announcements (Future Guests!)

02:25 – What is Steeven Reading?

11:07 – A Word From Our Sponsor – Pickle In A Sack

12:18 – News and Information You Could Have Easily Gotten For Yourself With Just A Little Effort – We scour the web for comic book news so you don’t have to.

14:16 – Steeven’s Comic Book Picks of the Week – Punisher War Journal #6

18:53 – Listener’s Feedback

28:44 – Ask The Fanboys – You ask the questions, we give you the answers

29:39 – Outro and closing announcements

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