Comic Talk Cafe: Lot O’ Comic Book Reviews

Comic Talk Cafe: Lot O' Comic Book Reviews

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Well here we all are again! We had allot of catching up to do. This show took me the longest time to edit together and I hope it shows. I wanted to put more effort in the show so here are a few new things. One, I mention the book title along with the number and major creators. Two, if you are listening through Itunes then you get to see the cover images from the books we are talking about. Three, I am now putting the start time for each topic, so you can skip to the books you are interested in hearing about. Remember this show is spoiler heavy.

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The books talked about:

Wonder Woman 6 Start: 2:00 and 7 Start: 9:13
The Loners 1 Start: 16:12
Supergirl 17 Start : 24:50
Uncanny X-men 485 Start 34:00
Green Lantern 17 Start 39:00 and 18 Start: 45:28
Incredible Hulk 105 Start: 50:52
Spiderman Loves MJ 17 Start: 55:55
Amazing Spider-Man 159 Start 101:50
Action Comics 847 Start 104:13
Rambling (Heroes spoilers!!!) Start: 1:16:35

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