Bullpen Bulletins Episode 23

Gallifreyan transplant Paul Cornell drops by to chat about his Marvel Max miniseries, Wisdom, his work on the legendary, long-running BBC television series Doctor Who (Jelly baby, anyone?), Fortean subjects, and much more! After Mr. Cornell warps out via TARDIS, we finally come to terms with our experiences at this year’s New York Comic Con, assisted by the one and only Dave Wachter of Scar Tissue! Over the course of the three-day event, we managed to corner great writer of stuff, Peter David, Mr. Web of Spider-Man, himself, Alex Saviuk, and good ol’ Frazer Irving from Silent War! Also appearing: Chris, Sal, and Tom from Around Comics! Doombot! Domino Blue! Rick Gordon from the Pop Cult Online! Many Miguels! Matt S. from Comic Timing and That’s What She Said! Pat Loika, the Awesome Sauce! Joseph the 4th from Australia! Dave Wachter delivers a stunning, tear-soaked rendition of Captain America is Dead by listener John Osborne! Listener email! Captain America #25! All this and the usual dose of potty humor and pop-culture craziness that can (thankfully) only be found in one place: the Bullpen!

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  1. I agree that printable dodawonlable subscriptions would be great. I get my comics and CBGs from Mile High Comics, but since I’m in South Korea everything is delayed at least a month. I’m expecting my order with CBG #1635 any day now! While I love reading CBG in its real form, having digital copies at the same time would be a great boon and help me plan future comics orders in a timely fashion. Oh, and of course, I’d never fail to read Mr. Silver Age, file a copy of the print out and back up the files on 3 of my hard drives. Couldn’t do without words of wisdom from the one and only Mr. Silver Age! Roger Gray Seoul, S. Korea

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