Just Another Fanboy Episode 29

Here we go with Episode 29 and we go all out to bring you an hour and thirty minutes with the introduction of a new possible co-host.

My wife joins me for the second time in a little experiment to bring a new voice to the show. We chat away about a variety of topics which range from Captain America #25, the hit NBC television show Medium, negative iTunes reviews, and our son and his fixation with Hawkgirl.

We answer the odd questions of a listener, and I bring you your weekly news and my comic book picks of the week – Punisher War Journal #4 and Green Lantern #17.

Of course I can’t forget part three of the Thrilling Adventures of Norman Oklahoma.

So sit back, grab yourself a bucket of popcorn, put the cat outside, and make sure the kids are all snug in their bed, because you’re going to want to drink yourself into a near catatonic state before listening to this one.

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