KomicsKast #58 – Eternals, Godland, Heroes, Wolverine Novel

Stephen and I discuss:

General Chatter: Congrats to Bill Jourdain on his 50th episode of the Golden Age of Comics.

The Happy Show on YouTube featuring the MMMS song.

A new Wolverine novel Wolverine: Lifeblood, by one of my favorite authors, Matthew Hughes.

(14:10) Heroes Chatter

Promo for Comic Book Savant Podcast

(26:30) KirbyKast: Godland and the Eternals

(49:05) Bottom of the Pile (and what we bought this past week)


2 thoughts on “KomicsKast #58 – Eternals, Godland, Heroes, Wolverine Novel

  1. Hi, Bruce:

    Thanks for the mention, and I’m glad you like the Archonate stuff. For the record, I’m using a pseudonym for media tie-ins because old, gray heads in the sf publishing field warned me that it is best to avoid confusing the folks who order books at Borders and Barnes & Noble. The consensus of opinion was: if the book does well, they’ll say it’s because of the franchise; if it does poorly, they’ll blame the writer.

    But I will be interested to see if I get any cross-overs from the franchise crowd. That’s why I put the little “about the author” bit at the back of Lifeblood.


    Matt Hughes

  2. Hi Matt,

    Glad you heard the segment. I’ve been plugging your stories and books pretty regularly over at Aaron Macom’s SciFiDig podcast (scifidig.com) but its only because I enjoy your stories so much! I’m a bit behind actually and have both Majestrum and the latest Guth Bandar two parter in F&SF to read, but decided to see how you do on the Wolvie story first. (Enjoying it a lot by the way.)

    So when do we get to see some Matt Hughes written funnybooks?

    Keep on writing them and I’ll keep reading them!

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